American Indian Societies & Cultures

This guide is to aid research projects (historical or sociological) on American Indian life and thought.

Archives of the New York Times

About Primary Sources

Primary sources are newspaper articles, diaries, treaties, interviews, photographs and other materials that were created during the time period of study. Because primary sources vary in type, there are many ways to locate these sources.  Look through the different boxes on this page to find great links to primary sources.  Keep in mind that many different types of materials count as primary sources -- music, art, even advertisements. 


St. Paul's Episcopal Indian Mission, Sioux City, IA

Collected Documents

Using Catalogs

You can use online catalogs such as WorldCat to find primary sources. Here are some tips for effective searches:

  • Use subject searches, and combine your topic with other subject headings such as Correspondence, Diaries, Interviews or Personal narratives.  This will restrict the search to first-hand accounts.
  • Searching for a person as an author is another way to locate primary materials. 
  • Try limiting a search by date range to get materials published in those years.