American Indian Societies & Cultures

This guide is to aid research projects (historical or sociological) on American Indian life and thought.

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Where Are the Books on American Indian History?


Ioway Village, c. 1700, reconstructed at Living History Farms, IA.

DeWitt Library uses the Library of Congress Classification system.  Books on Indians in the Americas are located in the following sections:

  • E75 - E99: Works on Indians of North America
  • F1218 - F1221:  Works on Indians of Mexico
  • F1434 - F1435: Works on Indians of Central America
  • F1619: Works on Indians of the West Indies
  • F2229-F2230: Works on Indians of South America
  • PS153.I52, PS173.I6, & PS508.I5: Works of or about Indian literature

The E, F, and PS sections are located on the second floor of DeWitt Library