FYS: Destiny Research Guide

Guide for the Annotated Bibliography & Research Presentation Assignments

Search for Journal Articles in America: History & Life

Remember, the assignment is about this time period,1865-1900.  To get the best results, we recommend doing on the following on the Advanced Search page:

  1. Under the Historical Period, enter the years of the Gilded Age.
  2. Under Publication Type, select Academic Journal.  
  3. Under Document Type, select Article.  

Searching for a Time Period in America: History & Life

Search Tips

  • Use "quotation marks" around phrases
  • Use AND to narrow a search: “mental illness” AND madness
  • Use OR to broaden a search: “mental illness” OR madness
  • Use NOT to limit a search: “mental illness” NOT madness
  • Use an asterisk * as a wildcard to include various endings of a word: search for both lady or ladies by entering lad*                    

Video on Journal Articles and Databases