Blackboard and Library Resources


When teaching online, there are often electronic library resources that you want students to use and read. The best way to direct students is by using a permanent or persistent link. It's important to use this type of link for a number of reasons:

  • In many databases, the URL in the browser address bar is temporary; if you try to use the same URL in a week or two, it will likely have expired.
  • The persistent link is preferable to posting the PDF because it avoids copyright and licensing issues. Furthermore, it helps acquaint students with the library databases.
  • Directing students to the article in the database gives the library a better picture of what resources are being used; the traffic is reflected in our usage reports.

What's more, the library needs to authenticate off-campus students as being part of the Northwestern community. We do this through a service called EZProxy. Since students must enter subscription library resources through this proxy, it's essential to include the necessary proxy information in links. When students are off-campus and want to access library resources, they will encounter a login window.  All they need to do is enter their normal Northwestern login and password, and they can use everything we have available electronically, just as if they were on-campus. 

This guide offers instructions on how to include persistent links and proxy information in the resources you include in Blackboard.  Click the tab for the database or resource you want to include.

If you have any questions, please ask a librarian; we're happy to help.

EZProxy Prefix