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Project Four: Educational Book Report

For project four, you will need to select a book related to education. Suggestions for book titles are included on this research guide.

The assignment consists of two parts:

1. Create an engaging class presentation on something you learned from the reading. 

2. Write a 1-2 page (single spaced) summary of the book, your recommendation on the book, and how the book might influence your teaching.

Need Help?

Stop at the circulation desk and ask a student worker or library staff for help. Rachel's office is right behind the circulation desk. Greta and Sara's offices are located by the reference material. If our door is open, don't hesitate to stop in!

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Book Location by Call Number

Finding a Book at DeWitt Library

DeWitt Library organizes the collection using the Library of Congress classification system. This can be confusing because most elementary and secondary schools classify books by the Dewey Decimal System.

Dr. Brower has selected possible titles from the following Library of Congress categories:

  • B - Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
  • E - U.S. History
  • H - Social Sciences
  • L - Education
  • M - Music

Bs are located on west side on the first floor of the LC. Other books are found on the 2nd floor. Ls are located on the west side of the building.

Please click on the hyperlink to:

  • Find the location of the book.

While most book are found in the main collection, some books might specify a different location. New Books & Browsing Books are located in Common Grounds. Pedagogy Books are found on the lower shelves facing the Peer Learning Center near the reference books.

  • Find a complete summary about the book.

A brief summary of each book is given in this research guide. A more in depth summary can be read in the catalog.

Library of Congress Classification System

A system created by the Library of Congress, which is used to identify an item within a library collection by dividing information into subject related groups. A unique number/letter code (call number) is assigned each item in the collection.