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Welcome to "Find a Book Review." This information will help you get started and guide you to a variety of sources where you can locate book reviews.

Search Strategy with Specialized Databases

A search strategy to find book reviews in most databases:  

  • Usually you will type in the title of the book to be reviewed in quotes. 
  • Then search for special features that let you indicate "review."  If you do not find a feature, then type in the word:  review   on the next search line.

Education-Related Book Reviews

Databases for Education-Related Book Reviews

History-Related Book Reviews

Databases for History-Related Book Reviews

Music and Performing Arts-Related Book Reviews

Databases for Music and Performing Arts-Related Book Reviews (Theatre, Dance, Television, Film, etc)

Psychology-Related Book Reviews

Databases for Psychology-Related Book Reviews

Religion-Related Book Reviews

Databases for Religion and Philosophy-Related Book Reviews

Sociology and Social Work-Related Book Reviews

Databases for Sociology and Social-Work Related Book Reviews