The American West

While designed for His358, this guide should be of general help for those interested in the history of the trans-Mississippi West in what became the U.S.


Sgt. Charles Floyd, a member of the Lewis and Clark Corps of Discovery, died in August 1804 and was buried near modern-day Sioux City, IA.


The American West has been different things to different people. To many, it has been a place--but sometimes "north," or "south," or "east" instead of "west." To others, it has been not just one place, but many places. Over time these have been incorporated by historical processes into the whole United States. To most, perhaps, it is as much or more a mythic place, in which the American Dream is rooted and flourishes.

While intended primarily for students in His358,only one set of pages is course specific. Whether you are in the course or not, I hope the following pages can introduce you to some of the plentiful resources about the American West.

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